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Greenlight Acres is a grower of natural vegetable produce and pasture raised lamb committed to using organic practices. Located on 20 acres in Stephenson County, Illinois, we are a small producer serving the local community. We are a no-till farm committed to feeding the soil through farm compost and natural minerals to maintain biologically active fertile land. We are dedicated to having a positive impact to the environment while being a regenerative producer of the land. Our livestock is raised with full access to pastures which are rotated to maintain healthy field fodder.


Founded in July 2020, Greenlight Acres is a return to a lifelong dream to once again grow produce for the surrounding community. Our mission is to serve the community by providing locally accessible food, while being a model of regenerative agriculture practices and techniques. We are dedicated to using organic practices, along with no-till regenerative growing methods. This means that we restore the land and soil instead of stripping it for it's resources. The food that we eat can only be as healthy as the ground it is grown upon, and we feed the soil to be that wealth provider for healthy food.

Elizabeth Beatty

Elizabeth has an agriculture background of almost 30 years. She raised and showed Dairy Goats for 23 years, and has also raised beef, lamb, goat, and poultry for meat production. Growing up, Elizabeth worked with her siblings as their mother, Diane, was a vegetable market gardener that sold products through 3 local farmers markets in Northern Illinois (Edgebrook, Shumway, and Winnebago). Elizabeth's first outside job was with a local pastured meat and poultry producer, Open Range Products, and maintained that working relationship for over 20 years until owner Kathy retired. Through the changing job market of 2020, Elizabeth left her office job as a Quality Engineer and is returning to her roots to once again farm the family's land in a partnership with her mother. Elizabeth is in charge of produce and lamb production, while her mother is the champion of growing flowers.

Diane Beatty
Flower Production Manager

Diane has a lifelong love for gardening both produce and flowers and loves been busy on the farm. 30 years ago, Diane started her family in raising dairy goats, raising organic meat and poultry, and keeping a vegetable and fruit garden for putting up produce for the year. Having run a market garden years ago, Diane has partnered with her daughter's business venture to once again run a market garden farm. Aside from lending a lifetime of gardening experience, Diane is heading the flower operation of the farm to supply locally grown flower stock. Being the land owner, Diane takes seriously what being a steward of the land means, and strives to keep her land organic, healthy, and productive. 

“Thanks for bringing us the awesome food! We just finished dinner which included the wonderful zesty salad mix and green beans.”

Jannell G.

German Valley, IL

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