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Greenlight Acres is a grower of natural vegetable produce and pasture raised lamb committed to using organic practices. Located on 20 acres in Stephenson County, Illinois, we are a small producer serving the local community. We are a no-till farm committed to feeding the soil through farm compost and natural minerals to maintain biologically active fertile land. We are dedicated to having a positive impact to the environment while being a regenerative producer of the land. Our livestock is raised with full access to pastures which are rotated to maintain healthy field fodder.

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Would you like to tour the farm and see exactly where and how we grow your produce? Email us to set up a personal farm tour! 

Come and see us at Edgebrook Market in the Edgebrook Center parking lot in Rockford on Wednesdays 9am-1pm from May 5th-October 27th, & at Stephenson County Market in the Municipal parking lot Downtown Freeport on Saturdays 8am-12pm from May 8th-October 30th.

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Online Store/
Custom Orders

Online store is here! You can shop and create your own custom order based on available stock starting in May 2021! Pick-up at the farm or at our farmers market locations, follow the online store link in our menu, or click HERE

“Thanks for bringing us the awesome food! We just finished dinner which included the wonderful zesty salad mix and green beans.”

Jannell G.

German Valley, IL

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